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Here you will get the best and the latest collection of Romantic Two Line English Love Quotes. You can also update this collection of Romantic Two Line English Love Quotes as your Facebook status and Whatsapp status. Hope you like this collection of Romantic Two Line English Love Quotes and you will also share with your friends.

Romantic Two Line English Love Quotes With Images

Here you will get the collection of short status or can say 1 or 2 line status because nowadays everyone looks for short status. You can also like my facebook page – RelationshipGoals to get updates.Romantic Two Line

one line status for WhatsApp

  • Happiness starts from us and also ends on us don’t affect it because of others.
  • You can change the heart and think of other by your heart by love.
  • Count your life by smile not with tears because of other idiots who play with your emotions.
  • Our sadness can be the result of bad and sad thoughts.
  • Love those people who stand with you in your bad and good days both.
  • Many friends come and go in our life but best ones remain always and day by day bond and love grows.
  • Many of people call me Mike you can call me tonight baby.
  • If you pass then you will get success if you fails then don’t worry you will learn something.
  • I am in love with my job because nowadays I am on vacations.
  • I think phones are much better than girlfriends because it has option of switch off.

2 line status in English

  • Here is the definition of Best Friends – Single soul in two bodies.
  • Best friends are those who tell you the whole story whether you are interested or not.
  • If you want to know your value in someone’s heart tease them when they are sleeping.
  • I don’t have attitude problem, I just have standard to choose people who can be my friends.
  • True friend will see your first tear, catch your second year and will stop the third one if still you want to cry then they will slap you and let you cry.
  • Fake friends believe in all rumors about you and fake will be the part of rumors.
  • Always remember those people who was there for you when no one was.
  • Nowadays relation of friend is much better than the relation of blood.

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